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What Is Microblading?

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Microblading is an exciting new way to give you beautiful eyebrows that frame your face. Your eyebrows no longer need to be penciled on each day and won’t wash off. You may have heard of microblading as the latest new thing, but weren’t sure how or why it was special.

Microblading is special because it elevates semi-permanent for brows from tattooing an area with a natural brow color to tattooing individual hairs. This creates a natural look and shape to your brow.

At Azul Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa, our team of specialists offers microblading at our Fort Myers, Naples, Bonita Springs, & Cape Coral, FL locations.

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Microblading Treatment Areas

Microblading is semi-permanent and creates the appearance of hairs. The most common area of treatment is eyebrows but it can be used to fill in thin areas in a man’s beard or facial hair, or thinning areas on the scalp for men or women.

While microblading is a form of semi-permanent makeup, the technique is not used for lip or eyeliner. It is used exclusively to create a truly unmatched natural looking eyebrow by providing a 3D effect that looks like real hairs.

Microblading Candidates

Microblading can be performed on anyone over the age of 18 and on all skin types. However, you may not be a candidate if you previously received permanent or semi-permanent eyebrow make up. Because prior semi-permanent make-up applications were likely applied in a “block” fashion, it’s unlikely you can achieve your desired result with microblading.

There are also some health conditions, including pregnancy, that prevents you from being a good candidate for microblading. However, all this is discussed in your consultation.

Preparing for Microblading

After your consultation and prior to treatment, you will be given a procedure consent to review and sign. We will go over any questions you might have so you feel very comfortable and well-informed. We also take photographs before your procedure, if additional treatments are needed, and at your last visit. Our Licensed Esthetician, April, has received specialized training in microblading and works with you to determine the original shape of your brows and outline your new shape. Pigment color(s) will be selected and the procedure will begin. We use only sterile and disposable tools so the procedure is very safe.

Microblading Treatment In Naples, FL

Microblading is part technique and part art-form. The technique involves using a special hand tool and color pigment to etch hair-like strokes just under the surface of the skin. The art-form involves delicately etching the hairs, determining the shape and density of the brow and selection of color pigments. When technique and art come together the result can be stunning.

Once the procedure is complete a custom-blended topical anesthetic cream will be applied to minimize any discomfort. You will go home with printed post-care instructions and an ointment to assist with the healing process. The entire process takes about 2 ½ to 3 hours.

Recovering from Microblading

Your eyebrows may be a bit tender with minor swelling and some redness immediately after the microblading procedure. Cool compresses are encouraged in 20 minute increments to minimize any discomfort or swelling. Patients can expect the color to appear darker for the first 7-14 days. This is because the skin under and around the newly placed pigments is darker due to the redness that resulted from the procedure. Your color will soften over time.

Microblading Results

We will see you back in after one month to touch up your brows and make any adjustments to ensure you love your beautiful new brows. Once you are completely healed after your 1-month touch-up, you can expect your results to last 6 to 12 months. Consistent use of a moisturizer and foundation with a good SPF and a mineral makeup like Azul Minerale will extend the value of your investment. How long your results last depend a bit on:

  • How your body handles the semi-permanent make-up
  • How well you shield it from the sun and the environment
  • Skincare products you use including retinol, hydroquinone, and other products

Permanent Makeup In Fort Myers, FL

What is permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup utilizes a tattooing technique to insert pigments into the dermal layer of skin. Using micropigmentation permanent makeup, individuals can create eyeliner, brow liner, lip liner, and lip pigmentation. In some cases, micropigmentation permanent makeup can be used to disguise scars, asymmetries or skin pigment irregularities.

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