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Microneedling Fort Myers | Facial Bonita Springs FL

Like many effective treatments, microneedling has become very popular over the past several years. Unfortunately, education on the differences in microneedling options has not kept up with the marketing. We’ve compiled a brief explanation of microneedling and explained the types of service we offer at Azul Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Spa to help you understand and guide your selection. We offer complimentary consultations prior to treatment to ensure that you are a candidate and that microneedling, microchanneling or INFINI radiofrequency microneedling will meet your goals and expectations.

What Is Microneedling?

Microneedling Tool | Azul Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Spa | Fort Myers, FL

Microneedling refers to a treatment in which very fine thin needles are applied to the skin to create very small punctures, often referred to as “micro-injuries”. Microneedling may also be called Microchanneling because it creates small vertical channels in the skin. The micro-injuries to your skin heal by forming collagen and elastin which can lead to smoother skin with improved texture. Often times, providers will take advantage of these small openings in the skin and add a serum to the treatment. These micro-injuries allow the serum to absorb in greater quantity and at a greater depth than if they were not present.

Benefits of Microneedling

There are some variables that make microneedling the preferred treatment for patients.

  • Microneedles can be as short as 0.5 mm or as long as 4.0 mm which impacts the depth of treatment
  • Needle quantity allows there may be several rows on a rotating wheel, or dozens of needles arranged to be used in a stable “stamping” style
  • Needle quality means microneedling uses thinner, insulated needles which are more comfortable and more precise than thicker un-insulated needles
  • Microneedling can be manual or automated where the “pens” or “wheels” are manually guided or automated devices offer more control
  • Advanced microneedling devices deliver energy, thermal or radio frequency, below the epidermal layer to further stimulate collagen and elastin formation
  • Numbing medication can be provided depending on the intensity of treatment. More impactful treatment usually has greater discomfort
  • Impactful results

Microneedling on Clay | Azul Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Spa | Fort Myers, FL
Microneedling on Clay | Azul Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Spa | Fort Myers, FL


On the minimally-invasive end of the microneedling spectrum, Azul offers a microchanneling treatment using ProCell which is an automated device that creates up to 1,000 perforations per square inch.  In the hands of our experienced Estheticians, thousands of microscopic channels are made to a depth of just up to 1.5mm, to penetrate only the epidermis.

Our Estheticians customize the speed and number of “passes” they use during microchanneling treatment. Additionally, they choose the serums or other active ingredients used to deliver a treatment that stimulates cell turn-over as well as rebuilding collagen and elastin. Since the automated ProCell device is “tapped” over the surface of your skin it creates clean vertical channels in your skin which heal easily with beautiful results. In contrast to the “wheels” or “pens” that roll or drag over your skin and create “micro-tears” at the surface, sometimes called “cat scratch.”

The microchanneling treatment usually lasts about 30 minutes and at Azul, we generally recommend topical numbing cream to avoid any discomfort. Your skin may appear pink or slightly red for the rest of the day but is usually well-healed and ready for make-up or sunscreen by the next day. Skin performs best with a series of treatments spaced apart so skin heals and forms collagen in between treatments.  

See the results for yourself with our real patient before-and-after photos.

View Photo Gallery

INFINI™ Radiofrequency Microneedling

Still considered minimally-invasive, but a significantly more impactful treatment, INFINI with Radio Frequency is at the other end of the microneedling spectrum. In the hands of our experiences Estheticians, 49 gold-insulated micro-needles are “stamped” to a depth of up to 4.0mm, to penetrate below the epidermis to the underlying support tissues.

Our Estheticians customize the speed and number of “passes” but two to three passes per session are normal depending on the area being treated. The INFINI device is placed on your skin and the microneedles are quickly “stamped” to the selected depth where the radio frequency delivers a micro-burst of thermal energy. Your tissues receive two therapies, microneedling and thermal energy, in a single session to build collagen and elastin. Thermal energy is delivered deep into the underlying tissues and is “skin-sparing” meaning you have little residual discomfort and redness.

The INFINI microneedling treatment usually lasts about 1 hour and we generally recommend both a topical numbing cream and an oral pain medication to minimize any discomfort. Your skin may appear pink or slightly red for a few days, but usually nothing more than a mild sunburn. Skin performs best with a series of three to four treatments spaced about six weeks apart so skin heals and forms collagen in between treatments.  

See Dr. Flaharty discuss Microneedling on the Fox Morning Blend!

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