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Cases in BOTOX® & Fillers

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Case 97

January 23, 2018
by thomas.donovan

Over time, some people start to lose some of the fullness in their face. Although this patient had a very mild case of losing fullness, the use of fillers on her forehead, marionette lines and lower lids makes her look less tired and stressed.

Case 99

by thomas.donovan

Fillers on the lower lids, just above the eyebrow and in the marionette lines are all this woman needed to help increase fullness in her face.

Case 90

by thomas.donovan

A Liquid Facelift was done on this woman by Britten Stine. The use of fillers and Botox helped put volume back into her cheek area, decrease hallowness under the eyes and smoothed out lines in the forehead, lines around the mouth and on the marrionette lines.

Case 91

by thomas.donovan

Voluma was used on this woman in the temple and midface area to help decrease volume. Juvederm was used on the lips, marionette lines and jawline to fill in some deeper wrinkles. Botox was also used on the forehead, inbetween the eyebrows, around the eyes on the crows feet and in the chin to prevent any more wrinkling to occur.

Case 92

by thomas.donovan

A midface lift helped give a natural pull to this patients jawline and cheeks. She also recieved filler on the jawline and lips to cohesively match fullness on the rest of her face.

Case 94

by thomas.donovan

Sometimes patients come to Azul looking for a way to prevent wrinkles and fine lines from getting worse. This patient had Dysport injecected in between her eyebrows, on the forehead and the crows feet. She also had a Liquid Facelift in her temples, eyebrows and other fine lines.

Case 88

by thomas.donovan

Some patients come into Azul Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Spa with specific facial features that need more help beyond the regular amount of filler that most patients use. This patient was not happy with the way her chin was not balancing out the rest of her face so by combining fillers, her profile became more distinct. The use of fillers…

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