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Want Beautiful Skin Like Beyoncé’s? HydraFacial™ Delivers Noticeable Results with No Downtime or Discomfort

HydrafacialAt Azul Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Spa, while we certainly provide comprehensive solutions in surgical facial aesthetics, an increasing number of our patients are just as interested in our cutting-edge non-surgical solutions. Our mission is to provide the best treatments and skincare options available, so that patients can look and feel their best. Fine tuning of the skin is a logical first step and a hydrafacial treatment is a fantastic new technology to get the process started.

More and more people are realizing the importance of starting a solid skincare regimen to not only reverse the aging changes but to maintain healthy, youthful skin. I love those patients, who are doing their research, finding out what options are available and looking to find the best treatment options available. The hydrafacial is a great way to protect, nurture and restore it.

Those in the entertainment industry are especially visible, and they’re very successful in finding products and treatments that work to maintain their fresh, glowing appearance. HydraFacial is high on everyone’s list of must-have treatment options. The list of well-known celebrities who rave about it is growing and includes stars like Paris Hilton and Beyoncé, both of whom are in their thirties, but continue to maintain flawless skin. Widely known for clear, beautiful, youthful skin, Beyoncé recently said that HydraFacial has become one of her favorites, and it’s one of the key parts of our comprehensive approach to skincare here at Azul.

This treatment requires about thirty minutes to complete and begins with a thorough cleansing. A small handheld machine removes all the dirt and debris from pores. It also removes dead skin cells. This step isn’t painful at all, and feels like a spinning toothbrush being moved across the skin surface. In the next step, a glycolic/salicylic acid peel is applied, and this is so mild that it only leaves skin with a slight tingle. It goes to work immediately, breaking down more of the dirt, debris and dead skin that is harder to get to.

Then, the skin is vacuumed to remove those embedded particles of dirt that clog pores. Using a vortex-extraction nozzle, clogged pores are thoroughly cleansed. You can actually see all the oil and dirt that comes out of pores at the deepest level. Last, a serum is applied to skin that infuses collagen with antioxidants, to give skin the hydration it needs for that youthful glow, and also promotes elasticity. Most people come away saying that their skin never felt so fresh, radiant and clean before. This treatment requires no downtime — patients can return to work or their normal routine right away.

HydraFacial is proven safe to use on a regular basis. It provides the skin with everything it needs, including cleansing, exfoliation and hydration. Once the skin is clean, a Vortex-Fusion® of antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid is administered, to keep skin fresh and youthful-looking even after the longest day working under harsh lighting.

The best reward I get in my work is seeing my patients look in the mirror, amazed at the reflection. In about a half an hour, with no surgery and no downtime, your skin could look and feel better. If you, like many other women and men, are looking for a proven, effective non-surgical solution to revitalize your skin, please contact us for more information, at

3 Responses to Want Beautiful Skin Like Beyoncé’s? HydraFacial™ Delivers Noticeable Results with No Downtime or Discomfort

  • Kathleen Coppola says:

    Is this treatment only for fine lines and wrinkles?

    My skin is very wrinkled and has gotten this way only recently.. But it seems like it is accelerating rapidly.

    Do you have an office in the Punta Gorda/Port Charlotte area?

  • Azul Team says:

    Hi Kathleen,
    HydraFacial is very effective at hydrating the skin. We invite you to come into our office for a free consultation with one of our skin specialists. Please call us at 239-415-7576 to schedule your appointment.

  • Williamtaum says:

    Really enjoyed this forum topic.Really looking forward to read more. Cool.

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