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The Top 3 Cosmetic Surgery Procedures for Women Over 50 (and Why They’re the Most Popular)


Women who have leaped over the milestone of fifty tend to feel more comfortable with themselves than they did in their youth. They choose cosmetic surgical procedures to be more competitive in the workplace, feel more relaxed and comfortable in social settings, attract new partners and get a new jump on life. When you look as young as you feel, you radiate the confidence and happiness that make you truly beautiful.

The most popular facial procedures for women may change their order from year to year, but these are the ones that remain consistently at the top of the list for women aged fifty-one to sixty-four:

While the facelift has long been the most popular procedure for women, new developments in the field of cosmetic surgery have led to a boom in the business. No more spending days in the hospital, worrying about overtightening or hiding visible scars. You can go home just a few hours after your procedure. Within one to two weeks, most patients begin to notice appreciable improvement in their appearance, such as smoothing and tightening of the cheeks, neck and jawline.

Keep in mind, though, that a facelift will not have any effect on the eyes or brows. Droopy eyelids can make you look tired or older than you feel. Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, can be done on its own or at the same time as a facelift, to give you a fresher, more “awake” look. Surgery of the lower lid can also remove bags and puffiness. An eye lift is often combined with a brow lift, or endoscopic forehead lift, to ensure that the entire forehead ar

ea looks more naturally youthful.

Fat transfer, also called fat grafting, harvests fat cells from the areas of your body that you and your surgeon agree to target (hips, abs, etc.) These fat cells are then processed and purified before being injected to fill in the hollow or sunken areas of your face, plump out lines and wrinkles, and give you an overall smoother, fuller appearance. Highly purified fat injections can even increase blood circulation in the skin tissues, stimulating new cell growth.

Facial rejuvenation surgery can combine any or all of these procedures to reduce signs of aging. Dr. Patrick Flaharty has developed and refined a unique approach to facial rejuvenation called the Azul Natural Lift. As a facial specialist, Dr. Flaharty understands that cosmetic facial surgery is not a one-size-fits-all procedure, and must be customized to each patient’s aging style in order achieve harmonious results.

Fifty isn’t the new thirty; it’s an age of endless possibilities for discovering, improving and loving your face. Especially after all it’s been through, doesn’t it deserve to look as good as it should? You can speak with Dr. Flaharty or a member of his team about how to achieve your appearance goals. Contact Azul today to book your consultation, and get ready to be the fabulous woman you are!

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