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The Best Time to Get a Medical Peel Is… Now!

By Lisa

If I’ve learned one thing in my career as an esthetician, it’s that there is a lot of bad information floating around out there about skincare and skincare procedures. I’ve found that one of the most misunderstood skincare treatments out there is the medical peel. There are rumors that they can cause massive burns and terrible, uneven results. And, I guess, in the wrong hands, that may be true. But believe me, here at Azul Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Spa, we know what we are doing, and take great care with all our procedures!  You do not have to worry about a bad burn from a peel here at Azul!

The truth is that medical peels are invaluable tools for rejuvenating the skin. Peels can jump start your skincare regimen, correct some damage that’s been building up or just get your skin in a healthier place.  I love peels and like to think of them in terms of “out with the old-in with the new”.  A good peel provides a clean canvas to work from in terms of getting your skin ready for other transformative changes- like even surgery!  We tell our patients that the healthier your skin is when you undergo a procedure – any procedure- the better it will heal.

Now, continuing on with the thought of debunking myths, here is another one.  If you skin doesn’t peel, after a peel, then the peel didn’t work.  This is also not true. Not all peels actually cause the skin to slough off!  Now that’s something, right?  Even if your skin does not come off (in sheets or flakes), that does not mean your peel didn’t work.  You are still turning over skin cells and building new collagen underneath, even if you don’t look like a scaly snake.  Some of our lighter peels are perfect for giving you a bright complexion but no frank peeling, which is great!  Absolutely NO down time, zero.  The truth is, the more you use exfoliation methods, like scrubs, glycolic acid cleansers, or vitamin A products, the less likely you are to actually peel after a medical peel.  That said, if you’ve not exfoliated lately, then you are more likely to get that frank peeling from any of our peels.

Here at Azul, we offer a number of cutting-edge medical peel treatments, each peel is customized for your skin type. If you have sensitive skin or are nervous about getting your first peel, you could give the Azul Designer Peel a try. If you want something a little stronger, we might use our Modified Jessner Peel or a light TCA peel to improve the tone and texture of your skin. And if you want a peel that will deeply address pigmentation issues and fine lines, the Vi Peel can give you some amazing results!

But, the best reason to get a peel RIGHT NOW is that we have a special offer going throughout the month of November in honor of Healthy Skin Month! You can get the medical peel of your choice for 10% off! So, just give us a call to book your appointment for a medical peel.  We will do a consult with you prior to performing any peel so that we and you are on the same page as to what your skin needs.

Call us at (239) 415-7576 to book a free consultation with our skin care experts. Together, you can figure out the best strength for your peel, and we can fully prepare you for your post-peel recovery period. Along with our medical peels, we also offer a number of other advanced skin treatments at our Medical Spa. You can visit us at for more information. And remember, the best time to get a medical peel is right now, as they are all 10% off for the rest of the month!

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