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Spin a Web of Beauty with Azul Medical Spa to Catch and Release Your Spider Veins!

By Debbie

Just like the sticky entanglements of a web, spider veins are sneaky and unsightly, and they don’t go away on their own. Many women are bothered by these purple, sometimes bumpy veins that branch out on their legs.

Though similar and many times appearing together, spider and varicose veins are different. With spider veins, a number of dark, small blood vessels can be seen close to the surface of the skin. Varicose veins have blood vessels that are distended, and actually protrude from the skin. They both can appear from age, hormonal changes, heredity and poor circulation. No matter how or when they appear, they are common and make women want to hide their once-youthful legs. Here at Azul, we believe women should shine and show their best selves to the world! We’re glad to be experts at diminishing spider veins and varicose veins through a minimally invasive treatment known as sclerotherapy.

A typical sclerotherapy session lasts 15 to 45 minutes where you’ll receive an injection of a saline-based solution into the veins. One injection is usually administered per inch with multiple injections per session. This then causes the blood to be rerouted to healthier veins, which causes the treated veins to eventually collapse and fade. Patients wear compression hose or socks for a few weeks to ensure good circulation and effective results. Side effects are minimal with slight bruising and itching, which diminish as the veins repair themselves.

As medical estheticians and nurse practitioners, we’ve been performing sclerotherapy on hundreds of patients at Azul with positive results. You’ll love this option for treating your legs and we’ll show you how to recover with ease. Especially with the warm Florida weather, we know you don’t want to feel self-conscious by visible veins, and we want you to wear shorts and skirts with confidence.

We’d love to share with you how our patients learn to love their legs again! Fill out our contact form here or give the office a call at (239) 415-7576. We’ll find a time for you to come in to talk with us and start getting your legs in show-off condition for spring!

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