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Separating Fact from Fiction When Considering a Facelift

When Pat turned sixty, she took a long, hard look in the mirror. Her features were naturally good, and her eyes still sparkled

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the way they had in her youth. She wanted people to notice her own beauty, not the wrinkles and sagging jowls that had seemed to appear from nowhere. A facelift, she thought, might be just the thing to “freshen up.”

Like many of my patients, Pat came to me for a consultation after talking with several friends and family members, who had said things like:

“Oh, any surgeon can perform a facelift; just find the doctor who charges the least.”

“I’ve heard horror stories about facelifts! Aren’t you afraid of looking stiff or unnatural?”

“Does this mean you’ll be all bandaged up in the hospital for a few days?”

“I thought only movie stars or celebrities did that.”

I’m always glad to talk with my patients about their concerns, and in Pat’s case, the answers were easy. First, I reassured her that she was absolutely right to consider only a trained specialist to perform her facelift. I explained that my specialization is in oculoplastic surgery, with additional fellowship training in facial cosmetic surgery. She was reassured to know that I’ve done more than 20,000 facial cosmetic procedures in the twenty-plus years I’ve been practicing; in fact facial rejuvenation is all I do.

I also explained that the stories you sometimes see about facelifts that “go wrong” are usually the result of either a) bad technique, b) an excessive number of repeat facial surgeries or c) both.  I told her to always ask to see before and after photos of patients that have had surgery done by a doctor she is considering, or better yet actually speak to some of those patients. Pat was a firm believer in “you get what you pay for,” and wanted to avoid practices that went out of their way to advertise low prices — she knew that, beyond a reasonable point, low cost is an indicator of low quality. I made sure to let her know exactly what her facelift could accomplish, and what it couldn’t. Fortunately, her expectations were realistic, and we were able to move straight to the logistics of planning her surgery.

The days of lengthy hospital stays, heavy bandages and knife scars are long gone. None of my patients stay in the hospital and go home right after surgery is complete. After discussing Pat’s medical history with her, we agreed that she was likely to be a low-risk candidate for the surgery. Pat knew that all surgical procedures involve some risk of scarring, but was intrigued to hear the technique I use to make incisions. These usually heal quickly and cleanly into fine, barely-there lines.

Because facelifts have become not only simpler but safer, they’ve also become more affordable than ever before. More and more people are considering them a normal part of self-care. I’m pleased to report that Pat was very satisfied with her surgery and results. And in fact, her husband even helped dispel another facelift myth: they’re not just for women. Once he saw how great she looked, he called Azul to schedule a consultation for his own facelift!

The Azul team and I are always standing by to answer your questions or talk more about what a facelift can do for you. Give us a call at (239) 415-7576, or drop us an email – we’re happy to hear from you!

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