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Keep Your Sanity and Pamper Yourself this Holiday Season with the Azul Platinum Facial

By Cathi Kennedy-Campbell

It’s that time of year again. There are carols in the air, tinsel and pine boughs hanging from every streetlight… and what seems like a soccer riot at the mall. (Since we are living in Florida, I think you could say holiday music in the air, light and bows on the palm trees….and certainly shopping madness at malls everywhere). It may be the most wonderful time of year, but for many of us, the holiday season can also be Stress City. Too many presents to buy, too much to cook, and then, of course, your family arguing about politics instead of simply enjoying your lovingly prepared skin caredinner. It can get to the point where the only present that you want for Christmas is your sanity, safe and sound under the tree. Well, we couldn’t agree more!

Just imagine if this year played out differently than past seasons. Instead of frantically Tra-La-La-ing down the usual Anxiety Avenue, what if you scheduled in a quick visit to our Medical Spa? Think about what the time-out of a little personal treatment could mean for your overall well-being and your enjoyment of the holidays? Taking a self-care break could shed a whole new light on the entire season!

Of all of the different options, what would be the best treatment to choose? A facial, of course! But not just any facial. It’s Christmas time, so why not treat yourself to the best of the best with The Azul Platinum Facial!

Upon arrival at our spa, we’ll make you feel right at home as we guide you into one of our beautiful treatment rooms for some “me” time. Once you’re happily relaxed and ready, we’ll analyze your specific skincare concerns. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all skin treatment. This is customized skincare at its finest! We’ve based our Azul Platinum Facial on European facials that are tailored to individual skin types. Through our analysis, we can address your skin’s needs both immediately and also for treatments in the future.

Our standard facial is a light cleansing with Dermaplaning, but if you’d like a chemical peel, we can do that, too. Or what about a Micropeel? No problem. Whatever your concerns, we have a treatment that will address them.

I know what you’re probably thinking, “A facial sounds nice…” But I bet you also have that little voice in the back of your head following that up with, “But I don’t have time for a facial!” Or, “That’s just a luxury, I have far too much to do to prepare for the holidays!” To that we say: it’s your holiday too! Some of us spend so much time making the holidays special for everyone else that we forget to do anything for ourselves!

With the sheer amount of stress coming at you throughout the month of December, an Azul Platinum Facial will force you to slow down and breathe, and just enjoy and relax. While we care for your skin, your stress will melt away. And after the facial, you’ll instantly look and feel better.

Here’s another useful holiday idea: if you’re panicking trying to think about the perfect presents for your friends, you could make your trip to Azul into one-stop shopping. Think about it. If a facial helps you to forget the stress of the holidays, it could do the same for your loved ones, too. Azul Gift Cards are the perfect present to leave under the tree for anyone you know who could use a little self-care. Just tell them that the Gift Card is for an Azul Platinum Facial, and let them come in and experience it for themselves!

Of course, the Azul Platinum Facial isn’t the only treatment we offer at our Medical Spa! For some more options, check out our website at or give us a call at (239) 415-7576. We promise that we’ll do our best to make your Christmas as jolly and stress-free as possible!

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