How to Change Your Skincare Routine for Summer in Florida

Happy woman at the beach enjoying her summer holidays

I think that it is fair to say that, when compared to our fellow Americans up north, we have it pretty good weather-wise!

While the majority of the country shivers away in the dead of winter, we are enjoying lovely, comfortable temperatures that make us the envy of, say, everyone in Maine. (Just kidding, we love Maine!) During the spring and fall, I would put money on our having temperatures and weather comparable to any paradise on the planet. Ah, and then we have the Florida summers…

Personally, I love them. Yes, it can be super-hot, but we often get some relief from the heat with occasional rainstorms! I would say that my main issue with the Florida summers is just how harsh they can be for the skin. We Floridians love spending time outside in the sun, and that can put us in danger of major skin damage if we aren’t careful. We aren’t just talking about redness or sunburns either, proper sun protection can save your life.

If you have kids, I bet that you automatically shout “Put on some sunscreen!” every time they go outside. Shouldn’t you follow your own advice? Of course, we aren’t talking about the greasy, shiny, sticky sunscreen that you probably remember from when you were a kid. We’re talking about sunscreen from the Azul Signature line of skincare products, revolutionary sun protection!

We feel so strongly about the importance of skin health and protection that, for the entire summer, we are offering three of our most popular and effective sunscreens for 15% off the original price. Each sunscreen is specifically designed with comfort and effectiveness in mind, using the latest in sun protection technology.

First is Azul’s Mineral Defense. It’s a mineral powder sunscreen that will feel and look completely invisible on your skin. Despite this, it will effectively protect you from the sun’s UV rays while the antioxidant vitamin C works to repair already existing skin damage. Because this sunscreen is so lightweight, you can use it either on or under your makeup. And the best part about it is that re-applying (a major step in sun protection!) is very easy with just a wave of the brush instead of slathering on lotion.

Up next is Azul’s Ultra Natural. If you are someone who is concerned about the use of chemicals in skincare products, then this is the sunscreen for you. It’s an all-naturally derived product that contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to provide long-lasting skin protection. Its ingredients also help soothe damaged skin and has infrared blocking properties (vitamin C and E) to help repair the effects of sun damage. It’s the perfect sunscreen if you already have a bad sunburn.

Finally, we are offering the cutting-edge of sun protection science with Azul’s Satin Eclipse. This is both a tinted sunscreen and all-in-one primer, meaning that it protects you from UVA/UVB and infrared rays while also smoothing the skin and repair the effects caused by sun damage. This makes it the perfect primer for makeup. If you want to look your best at an outdoor event while still being protected from the sun, this is what you want on your skin.

Summertime skincare goes beyond sunscreen, of course. Your skin has different needs in hotter weather, as you tend to sweat and more oil can be produced. Cleansing your skin is more important than ever, so you want to use a gentle exfoliant that will keep your skin clear without making it more sensitive to sun damage. We recommend one of our Azul Medical Cleansers.

If you’re going to be spending any time in the pool this summer, make sure that you moisturize your skin after you get out. Chlorine can strip away moisture and dry out the skin, so using one of our Azul Medical Moisturizers can greatly help keep your skin glowing and smooth. Of course, all of our sunscreens will do that for you.

Given that we live in Florida, we have to watch out for the sun 365 days a year. Just because we move into the fall doesn’t mean that the UV exposure goes away. Using proper skincare precautions and applying sunscreen all year ‘round will help ensure that your skin keeps its youthful glow for years to come.

If you’d like to learn more about Azul Signature Sunscreens, or any of the other fantastic products that come out of Trilogy Laboratories, please visit their website at If you would like to check out some of Azul’s most popular skincare and skin repair treatments, we invite you to our website at or give us a call at (239) 415-7576. We would love to offer you a free consultation to determine which cosmetic and spa treatments are right for you and your skin.

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