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Get into Your Perfect Body Shape Before the Summer Ends! – EXILIS Body Contouring –

Would it surprise you to learn that there’s a way to smooth wrinkles and get the body contours you want, immediately and Summer leisure, girl relaxing in a poolwithout pain or downtime? Maybe not — you already know that, here at Azul, we can do all kinds of amazing things. But it may surprise you to learn that the technology behind this treatment is the same that makes it possible for you to read this right now. Radiofrequency (RF) waves, which gave us the miracle of wireless communication, can also generate enough focused heat to work a small miracle on your body.

There are countless products, powders, pills and procedures out there promising fast, effective wrinkle removal and skin tightening. Usually of course, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. But the Exilis treatment is scientifically proven to tighten the epidermal (top) layer of skin and to spot-treat specific areas — your hips, upper arms, under your chin — leaving them noticeably firmer and smoother. One of our expert medical estheticians uses a handheld device to deliver a safe, effective amount of electromagnetic radiation to the areas you want to target.

Exilis (pronounced similarly to “excellence”) works by using RF to contract the collagen bundles in the dermal layer of your skin, resulting in tightening of the skin. This is sometimes called the “Wow!” effect, because the wrinkles actually shrink before your eyes! But the real benefits lie in the long-term generation of new collagen, which builds thicker, more elastic layers of new skin. There is also an added benefit of reducing fat, and it smooths out “bumpiness” left behind after liposuction.

Many patients say the Exilis treatment is like a warm massage. What could be better than relaxing, even dozing off, while getting rid of wrinkles and loose skin? But don’t nap too long — each area receives only twenty minutes of treatment, allowing you to work on as many as three areas in a one-hour session. You can be back at work or on your way to your next engagement as soon as you’re done! Exilis typically requires a series of five treatments for best results and, though you’ll likely see a visible effect right away, improvement is generally gradual. Because it’s safe to use on the face, it’s ideal for anyone who wants to lift the brow or tighten cheek and jowls without surgery or needles. The best part is that Exilis continues actively working for up to three to six months, when newly formed collagen makes results even more impressive. Many patients can go up to two years before undergoing another series of treatments.

It’s important to note that Exilis is not used to reduce cellulite, nor is it used as a primary treatment to reduce fat, but is a safe, fast, effective way to naturally tighten and smooth skin in specific areas. It’s equally effective on all skin types and shades, requires no downtime, and feels great. So why not contact Azul today to find out more? You can email us through our website, or call us at (239) 415-7576 to schedule your free consultation. Don’t wait too long — swimsuit season will be over before you know it!

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