Everything You Need to Know About Summer Skincare

There is nothing quite like the summertime. Although we have sunshine all year round here in Southwest Florida, the intense summer UV rays will lead to more severe burns and sun damage azulthan in the winter months. In addition, we have extreme humidity in the summer which can also wreak havoc with our regimens. All this to say your summer regimen can be tweaked to optimize care in the summer months.

The first step is to get protection from the sun’s UV rays. Let’s talk a bit about tanning. A good tan looks fantastic, but there is a very fine line between that… and a burn. Having a golden, healthy glow seems to signal youth and health. But to be completely candid, the sun is the number one cause of skin damage and premature aging. The vast majority of wrinkles can be chalked up to sunshine. The best way to protect yourself from this damage is to do exactly what you’ve probably told your own kids: “Put your sunscreen on!” Sunscreen, especially when it’s of high quality, will protect your skin and keep it looking its best.

Now, we aren’t talking about the oily, slimy bottles of sunscreen that litter the beaches. We are talking about an ultra-light, even dry-feeling sunblock that you will barely even notice, but will still offer your skin the protection it needs under your makeup. We love Azul’s Liquid Silk Mineral Block. It’s non-greasy, tinted and is completely fragrance free-  it is rated SPF 30. Like we said, sun exposure is the fastest way to prematurely age skin, so if you ask us, this should be the first on any list of summer skincare must-haves!

If you want that tan look that we all love, there are tinted moisturizers and bronzers in our Minerale Makeup line. Now that’s the real way to go; you can have that sunkissed look but keep your healthy skin!

Another major complaint about summer weather is how fast the heat can dehydrate you and your skin. That is why it is so important to keep yourself well-hydrated. We aren’t just talking about a dip in the pool, either! When it is this hot, it is important to remember to drink plenty of water. Water is absolutely essential to keep your body working properly and to prevent your skin from drying out. Remember, if you find yourself getting thirsty, that means you are already dehydrated. Keep a water bottle with you, fill it up and drink whenever you can. Of course, drinking water can only take you so far when it comes to skincare. That is why an excellent skin moisturizer is a must in the summer as well as the winter. We personally recommend one of our lighter moisturizers for summertime due to the humidity we have here in Southwest Florida.  The Green Tea Moisture Cream will do an excellent job keeping your skin soft and supple, and helping maintain a youthful glow, without adding any greasy feeling.

We also recommend regular exfoliation during the summertime. Exfoliation rids the skin of dead cells and helps with previous sun damage. You can, of course, book an appointment with our medical spa and we would be happy to take care of that for you with a hydrafacial, microdermabrasion or dermaplaning. But you should also have the option of exfoliating your skin in the comfort of your own home. You could try our Hydra Exfoliating Gel with 12% AHA including lactic acid that will help both hydrate and exfoliate your skin. Or our Gentle Enzyme Mask that will gently remove any dry, dead skin that has built up over the course of a long, hot day. Both are perfectly suitable for all skin types and will do a wonderful job of keeping your face clear and healthy.

Don’t let any of this scare you. The summer months can be the best time of the year! It is the perfect time to see your family, stay active and just have a wonderful time. And with some of these simple summer skin tips, your skin will look just as youthful as you feel!

If any of the products we mentioned above interest you, you can visit our online store, or stop by and talk with some of our experts. All of our skincare products are manufactured by Trilogy Laboratories and are fully endorsed by Dr. Flaharty. If you’d like to hear more about these and other skincare treatments, just visit our website at www.azulbeauty.com, or give us a call at (239) 415-7576. Or how about all of the above! Have a lovely beginning of summer!

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