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Brow Lift or Face Lift – Which Is Best for You?

By Azul Team

We see all kinds of people here at Azul, and not everyone comes in looking for quite the same things. Of course, they want to look rejuvenated and revitalized, but we take pride in being able to offer our patients individualized options, so that everyone finds the treatments that are perfect for them. Sometimes they want to improve their skin texture and wrinkles through skincare products alone, and our Azul Skin Health product line offers them the perfect solution. If they want a more complete rejuvenation, but don’t feel comfortable with cosmetic surgery, we have many incredibly effective non-surgical options that can offer them a truly noticeable rejuvenation. But even with the remarkable advancements in both skincare products and non-surgical techniques, the bottom line is that, for the most effective and longest lasting rejuvenation, the gold standard is cosmetic surgery, especially when it comes to the face.

Time can take quite a toll on our skin, especially when you live in a place with as much sun as Florida! Over time, we lose collagen in the skin, wrinkles and folds start to form, and we start to see drooping brows, jowls and other significant signs of aging. If you want to reverse these effects and recapture the appearance of youth and alertness, you’ll want to look into these surgical procedures.

Face and Neck Lift

During his over 20 years of experience in facial cosmetic surgery, Dr. Flaharty has developed and refined his highly customized, comprehensive technique, in the Azul Natural Lift. This method allows him to tailor his approach to each individual patient, for natural-looking, relaxed and refreshed results. He delicately tightens the deeper structures of the lower part of the face, tightening and lifting sagging skin, and removing any excess skin. With his technique, the incisions are almost invisible once they are healed, leaving you with barely any evidence of how you achieved your incredibly harmonious rejuvenation.

Endoscopic Brow Lift

The endoscopic brow lift is one of the most important advances in cosmetic surgery in the last two decades. Prior to the development of this revolutionary procedure, brow lifts involved major incisions which could change a person’s hairline as well as cause unsightly scarring. With Dr. Flaharty’s technique, only four tiny incisions (which are well hidden within your hairline) are made in order to lift your entire brow, allowing him to achieve superlative results, and minimizing your recovery time. Once the brow is released and the forehead is lifted and reshaped, the tissue is held in place by a small absorbable device attached to the bone. As the device is absorbed by the body, the tissue attached to it heals, leaving your new results in place.

Which Is for You?

That all depends on the area of the face you feel needs attention. With a face and neck lift, we can address signs of aging in the entire lower face and neck, ridding you of excess skin and fat. With an endoscopic brow lift, we focus on the upper half of the face, greatly reducing your forehead furrows and frown lines, and improving any wrinkles or loose skin around the eyes. 

However, if you really want a thoroughly harmonious rejuvenation, you may be a candidate for a face and neck lift and an endoscopic brow lift at the same time. These are often performed in conjunction with each other (as well as other cosmetic procedures like fat transfer or dermal fillers), allowing Dr. Flaharty to rejuvenate your entire face at once. Since all of the procedures would be performed in the same surgical session, you’ll only have one recovery period (usually about two weeks) as your tissues heal.

If you are concerned about your comfort level during surgery, don’t worry. All facial surgeries are performed under intravenous sedation, along with a local anesthetic, for your comfort and safety.

Of course, if you aren’t quite ready for surgery yet, there are plenty of non-surgical options! Our Liquid Facelift (a customized combination of Botox and dermal fillers), can give you wonderful results, though they won’t last as long. But if you want a long-lasting and dramatic rejuvenation, ask Dr. Flaharty about how a face and neck lift or an endoscopic brow lift can provide you with the youthful and energetic appearance you’re looking for.

We also offer plenty of other surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures that can address a variety of different aesthetic concerns. Just give our office a call at (239) 415-7576 to book an appointment or free consultation, or visit our website at for more information. Whatever your personal cosmetic goals, Azul is here to help you reach them!

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