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3 Quick Beauty Fixes to Look and Feel Fabulous in 2016

3 Quick Beauty Fixes to Look and Feel Fabulous in 2016The arrival of the new year marks a time of fresh starts and new beginnings. But it can also be a time of reflection, specifically your reflection! From lines that are just a tiny bit more visible than last year, to skin that just doesn’t seem as tight as you remember, it can be shocking the difference a single year can make to our skin. Thankfully, those tiny differences have simple, non-surgical solutions! At Azul Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Spa, we offer a number of options to refresh your appearance and set you up right for the upcoming year!

CoolScuplting CoolMini

A refinement of our CoolSculpting treatment for fat around your thighs and abdomen, this procedure targets smaller pockets of fat, such as the submental fat deposits that can cause the appearance of a double chin. The secret of CoolSculpting is that fat cells are far more vulnerable to cold temperature than your skin and other tissues are. By applying intense cold to these areas, the fat cells are damaged and disappear through the natural healing and cleansing ability of your own body. The CoolSculpting CoolMini takes this incredibly effective technology and refines it even further to attack your neck and chin fat deposits while also firming and tightening the skin. It is an entirely non-invasive and effective alternative to a necklift! This procedure causes no damage to your skin and can be completed over your lunch break. And within three weeks, as your body rids itself of the damaged fat cells, you will start to see that double chin fade away.

HydraFacial MD

We promise that you’ve never had a facial as thorough and effective as our HydraFacial MD treatment! By combining hydration, exfoliation and extraction, it will leave your skin feeling healthier and more radiant, without any redness or irritation. There are four simple steps to the procedure. First, we exfoliate your skin using a specialized handpiece to open your pores and get rid of any dead skin. Second, a glycolic acid peel gently breaks up surface dirt and debris without any skin irritation. Next, vortex suction device painlessly extracts impurities from your skin and pores. And finally, we hydrate your skin by applying a special serum with antioxidants and hyaluronic acid. The entire treatment is complete within fifteen minutes to a half hour, and will leave you with a glowing complexion!


Ultherapy is a perfect treatment to complement Submental Fat CoolSculpting. It offers a completely non-invasive option for a fast and effective uplift to your chin and lower face. By using ultrasound energy, we can find and precisely target the soft tissue under your skin. We then deliver focused heat directly to that tissue, stimulating the growth of new collagen without damaging your skin at all! It’s a fast, effective procedure that requires no downtime. Although a full face lift is still the most effective way of firming up the skin around your chin and neck, Ultherapy is a fantastic non-surgical option, and we will have you in and out of the office in no time at all!

New Year’s resolutions can be challenging, so why not make one this year that we can help you keep! With these simple treatments, your reflection in the new year can appear even more youthful than the year before! Just Request a Consultation on any of the pages here at, or call us at (239) 415-7576.

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  • Azul Team says:

    Hi Bonnie,
    Yes, Ultherapy works great for anti-aging. We invite you to come into our office for a free consultation with one of our skin specialists. Please call us at 239-415-7576 to schedule your appointment.

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