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Monthly Archives: January 2019

Sclerotherapy is the Key to Smooth, Unblemished Legs!

It’s funny how one tiny thing can cause a huge problem. Take a pimple, for example. Remember being a teenager and getting a pimple on your forehead? It was terrible! We’ve all had the experience. It was the only thing we could focus on when we looked in the mirror. Going to school became a nightmare, because we just knew…

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The Laser Treatment So Good That It Has A Halo!

Do you believe in guardian angels? There are some cosmetic treatments out there that really do deliver results that seem almost too good to be true. CoolSculptingis a perfect example of this. Imagine dropping inches off your waist, all because someone held a cooling pad to your skin. It’s like a miracle from some kind of cosmetic guardian angel! Well,…

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It’s Time for a Full Face Rejuvenation with BBL

Something that we talk about a lot here at Azul is the importance of harmonious results. When we say “harmonious results,” we mean that all of your features will look balanced and fitting with each other. For example, if you were to get Botoxaround your eyes to get rid of crow’s feet, but you didn’t treat the deep frown lines…

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How We Choose the Best Fillers for Your Rejuvenation

You know the main reason so many people are hesitant about cosmetic procedures? It’s because they think that their only option is surgery. Whenever we have a new patient at Azul, we always try to educate them about all their choices. These include surgical AND non-surgical procedures. The great thing about non-surgical procedures is that they often offer excellent results.…

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