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Monthly Archives: June 2016

Ways to Achieve Radiant Skin for Summer

Attractive woman on a blue background with a spot of sunlight

The summer heat is here in Southwest Florida, and you’ve taken good care of your skin all winter season… right? Well, even if you haven’t always been diligent about the moisturizer or SPF, Azul medical spa offers a wide range of services that can get you ready for another season of sunshine. Whether you want to target specific areas like…

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Everything You Need to Know About Summer Skincare


There is nothing quite like the summertime. Although we have sunshine all year round here in Southwest Florida, the intense summer UV rays will lead to more severe burns and sun damage than in the winter months. In addition, we have extreme humidity in the summer which can also wreak havoc with our regimens. All this to say your summer…

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Soften Your Facial Features without Surgery

Natural Beauty Portrait. Beautiful Spa Woman . Perfect Fresh Ski

Every week at Azul, we see patients who are looking for ways to get the facial appearance they want:  firmer and fuller in the right places, slimmer and more contoured in others. Usually they expect us to urge them toward surgery – which isn’t too surprising, since Dr. Patrick Flaharty is one of America’s leading facial plastic surgery specialists. But…

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Beach Body Ready at Any Age

Young woman on the beach

Usually the last word you think of as summer approaches is “cold.” But cold is actually the secret to getting ready for another summer season – one where you can relax and enjoy yourself at the beach, instead of feeling self-conscious about your areas of stubborn fat that just will not go away, no matter what you do. There’s no…

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Say Goodbye to Scars and Stretch Marks This Summer

Woman's body

With swimsuit season approaching, you may be reluctant to get out to the beach, because you’re self-conscious about your visible scars, or the “rippling” that stretch marks have made on your skin. We see a lot of patients who’ve been trying for years to get rid of their stretch marks. They’ve tried creams, lotions, home remedies, vitamins, exercise… but the…

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Choosing the Right Facial Surgery for the Most Impact

Beautiful Woman before Plastic Surgery Operation Cosmetology. Be

Performing facial surgery is more than just a vocation for me – it’s my life! In fact, it’s all I do: after completing more than 20,000 facial plastic surgeries, I’m proud to have been named one of America’s leading aesthetic facial surgery specialists. If you’re looking for breast augmentation, a tummy tuck or even rhinoplasty, you’ll be better off choosing…

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10 Great Reasons We LOVE Botox

“I haven’t had Botox,” actress Jennifer Saunders once said. “But I want people to think I have.” Sure, you could have Botox at any of a hundred different day spas. But your face is worth entrusting to a board-certified facial specialist like Dr. Patrick Flaharty, and the expertise of a qualified medical team with over eighteen years of combined experience…

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