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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Camera-Ready Beauty Secrets for Mature Skin


In the age of smartphones, it’s almost impossible to avoid seeing photos of yourself on a daily basis. You may like what you see, but wish the lighting were better, or you’d put on a bit more makeup. Since you can’t carry around a lighting kit or makeup case to whip out every time someone raises a camera, here are…

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Dermal Fillers for Your Hands


Cosmetic treatments for the hands are nothing new. At age 74, the novelist and political theorist Rose Wilder Lane decided to seek rejuvenation treatments for her face, arms and hands. The latter was most important to her, she wrote in a letter to a Miami doctor. After all, as a writer (and co-author of her mother Laura Ingalls Wilder’s classic…

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The Best Ways to Treat Puffy or Droopy Skin Around the Eyes


There’s a reason there are so many thousands of products on the market that claim to minimize, tighten or erase puffiness and sagging around the eye area; at just half a millimeter thick, the skin around our eyes is thinner than anywhere else on the entire human body. These delicate tissues are often the first to show signs of aging.…

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Facelift 101: Why Modern Advances in Facelift Surgery Make It the Gold Standard for Looking Your Best


It’s no coincidence that so many skin creams and other products claim to be a “facelift in a bottle.” For over a century, facelifts have been the single most requested — and most effective — procedure to restore a smoother, firmer, more youthful appearance. The truth is that no skincare regimen, no cosmetics, fillers or Botox can match the benefits…

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Curious About Trying Botox? 10 Facts That Might Surprise and Delight You

Beautiful young woman is getting botox injection at clinic. She is sitting and smiling. The doctor is holding syringe near her eyebrows carefully

“I haven’t had any plastic surgery,” says fashion designer and Oscar-nominated film director Tom Ford. “I have had Restylane and Botox, but I don’t think of that as plastic surgery anymore.” And indeed, minimally invasive treatments like Botox can be administered more quickly and easily than ever before, with longer-lasting results and zero recovery time. You might associate Botox with…

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The Grey Fox — Why Modern Men Over 50 Are Seeking More Cosmetic Surgery


Even though men had just over 10% of the cosmetic procedures performed in the U.S. in 2014, they’re on their way to catching up to women. The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons reports a 43% increase in men seeking cosmetic anti-aging treatments since 2009. Men, like women, are more health- and appearance-conscious in the age of social media and…

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