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Azul Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Spa: Dr. Patrick Flaharty Blog

Is Copper Really the Secret to Younger Looking Skin?

Facial skincare anti-ageing exfoliation

By Britten Everyone is looking for the “secret” to get younger looking, healthier skin. From cosmetic surgeons to cosmetic laboratories, they all want the golden fleece, the holy grail of skincare. And to be honest, most of them don’t have a clue. At Azul Beauty though, we believe that we have a “secret weapon” that gives us the edge in…

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Rejuvenating Your Eyes without Surgery


By Britten Are you afraid of surgery? If so, you’re not alone. Now that the stigma of cosmetic surgery has been lifted, people all over America are looking into some of the incredible anti-aging procedures that are available. And yet, many of them choose to do nothing? Why is this? What it boils down to is, simply, a fear of…

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50 and Fabulous: A 30-Day Transformation Treatment Plan

Beautiful elderly woman portrait.

By Suzie What was the last New Year’s Resolution you actually remember keeping? For me it was… uh… well, I’m sure I kept at least one in my life! The problem with resolutions is that life just gets in the way. You get too busy with work, kids, grandkids, friends, and then suddenly you are at the beginning of April…

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Sculptra, Azul’s Super Filler (and Spring Savings)

Plastic surgery concept. Mature woman receiving injection on white background

Sculptra is one of Dr. Flaharty’s favorite facial volumizers that provides our patients with a soft, more natural look (instead of that over-stuffed look when too much Juvederm, Restylane or Radiesse are used). What makes Sculptra a super-filler in our opinion is the fact that it actually helps you to build your own supply of collagen while it gradually disappears.…

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5 Celebrities Who Have Admitted Having Eyelid Surgery

Closeup Portrait - Mature Blond Beauty

By: Britten How things have changed. Just a decade ago, there was still a stigma attached to cosmetic surgery. Thankfully, today the stigma has fallen away and everyone can proudly take charge of their appearance and look their best. Part of the reason that cosmetic surgery is happily accepted and mainstream today is because of celebrities. For years, tabloid newspapers…

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Meet 3 Azul Women and Hear Their Cosmetic Journey

Fashionable business woman working with notebook. Top view on female student hands in cool bracelets, writing in dairy and typing on laptop, flat lay

By: Suzie One of our greatest joys at Azul Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Spa is getting feedback from our patients. It’s always gratifying to hear that you did a good job, but having someone actually sit down to write something positive about their experience is quite touching. It’s wonderful to know that you’ve made a real difference in someone’s life.…

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Introducing the CoolSculpt Advantage

Closeup of woman pinching belly fat

By Lisa If we had to list our most popular non-surgical treatments here at Azul, CoolSculpting would be right at the top. Since it was introduced a few years ago, CoolSculpting has become the go-to procedure for body contouring. Over the years, innovations with the technology have brought us purpose-specific applicators, such as CoolMini, that allow us to treat not…

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