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Fort Myers, FL 33912
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Monday–Friday: 8 a.m.–5 p.m.

Bonita Springs Office

23451 Walden Center Drive #400
Bonita Springs, FL 34134
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Tuesday–Friday: 8 a.m.–5 p.m.

Naples Office

1009 Crosspointe Drive #1
Naples, FL 34110
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Monday–Friday: 8 a.m.–5 p.m.

Meet Our Team

You will find the Azul Providers and Staff to be knowledgeable, trustworthy, talented and friendly. Each member of our team is chosen for skill and experience, but also for personality and empathy. We want you to feel welcome, comfortable and safe. Enjoy your time with us – and thank you for choosing to make us a beautiful part of your life.

Our Providers

Dr. Flaharty has recruited experienced, highly-skilled and kind Nurse Practitioners (NP), Physician Assistants (PA) and Paramedical Estheticians for the Azul Medical Spa team. Once hired, each of our NPs and PAs train with him extensively until they earn the title of Master Injector. Through training and instruction, they learn his unique techniques and light touch with Botox, Dysport and the wide range of dermal fillers. Dr. Flaharty also ensures that Azul’s Estheticians are provided with the most current tools and skin care products, allowing them to meet and exceed your expectation for beautiful skin and body contouring. Consultations with all our Providers are complimentary. You can click here or call 239-415-7576 to request a consultation.

Azul Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa | Our Providers

Debbie McDonald - Physician’s Assistant

Debbie McDonald – Physician’s Assistant (PA)

With over 35 years in the medical field, Debbie McDonald’s knowledge base includes everything from the latest in facial injections to the most technologically advanced laser treatments.  Working with Dr. Flaharty for over 10 years, she has treated many of his face and neck lift patients to help postpone surgical intervention and after surgery to maintain and lengthen the value of their surgical procedure. Debbie has seen aesthetic fads come and go and knows how to create a treatment plan that stresses value, results, and longevity.

Britten Stine – Nurse Practitioner

Britten Stine – Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP)

As one of Azul’s most popular injectors, Britten Stine is in high demand year-round, and especially during season. She is blessed with an artistic eye and a light touch and can deftly see what is needed to bring out the beauty and symmetry in each face. She works with a broad range of injectables and finds new solutions for patients. As a long-time fan of bio-stimulators like Sculptra, Britten was an early adopter of the Silhouette InstaLift thread lift procedures. She has become one of the most experienced InstaLift providers nationally and continues to thrill patients with the possibility of instant lifting.

Emily Laeser – Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner

Emily Laeser – Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP)

With a career start in nursing, Emily Laeser shifted to aesthetics about seven years ago. She began with sclerotherapy, laser hair removal, Botox and mid-face filler injections and has never looked back.  Once she came to Azul and trained with Dr. Flaharty she expanded her filler experience and was able to create the balance and youthful softness needed for a successful Liquid Face Lift. She is also highly skilled with Azul’s newest laser, the HALO – the world’s first hybrid fractional laser. Using her knowledge and experience she can improve skin tone, texture and even fine lines for patients of all skin tones and skin colors.

Joni Kellams – Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner

Joni Kellams – Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP)

With both her ARNP and a Doctorate in Nursing, Joni came to Azul with strong skills in facial rejuvenation injections. She perfected her techniques and broadened her scope under the tutelage of Dr. Patrick Flaharty. With the vast selection of injectables Azul provides, her “palette” has greatly expanded, as has her ability to give patients the subtle or dramatic look they desire while never losing sight of her guiding principle of natural beauty. When it comes to light and laser services, her skillful and purposeful use of these tools gives patients skin they can joyfully live in.  Removing sun-spots, fine lines, rough texture, discoloration and mild scarring gives her patients fresh youthful skin that needs little to no make-up and feels soft, resilient and younger.  She is a firm believer that making small outward changes can create such an emotional lift that it’s almost magical!

Lisa Gorman – Medical Esthetician

Lisa Gorman – Licenced Medical Esthetician (LME)

With over 25 years of experience, Lisa is one of Azul’s best skincare resources. She passionately believes that patients coming to a Medical Spa deserve to leave with true skincare – and that means improving skin tone and texture and working to resolve whatever issues exist. She enjoys using products and tools to address fine lines and wrinkles. Getting skin cells to renew and turn-over while removing old cells is key to success. She is also Masters-Level trained at CoolSculpting University. Azul is the largest provider of CoolSculpting in SW Florida and Lisa is a big part of that. She has the experience, training, and commitment to create a treatment plan that fits and then work to get you there.

April Childers – Medical Aesthetician

April Childers – Licenced Medical Esthetician (LME)

With a bachelor’s degree in Biology, April comes to aesthetics from both a scientific and an artistic side. Having advanced training with energy-based devices, she enjoys using CoolSculpting and Exilis to sculpt away stubborn fat pockets. And HydraFacial has almost completely replaced traditional facials for her patients – it’s almost impossible to match the results from this new technology. When it comes to beauty, the eyes most definitely have it. April’s microblading for brow shape and color is natural, symmetrical and just gorgeous.

Kristi Lock – LME

Kristi Lock – Licenced Medical Esthetician (LME)

Kristi has a soft approach to skincare. Knowing that no one can make drastic changes in short periods, she works with her patients to make one or two changes. Once they see the improvements in skin tone, texture, and brightness, she will introduce them to one more opportunity. Having used the Azul SkinHealth line in school she has a true depth of knowledge about how the products work individually and synergistically. Coming to Azul, she was thrilled with the micro-channeling, CoolSculpting, and other devices available to improve skin wrinkling and remove fat pockets – she has quickly become adept at knowing just which device or technique will best achieve her patient’s timeline, budget, and goals.

Erica Current – Aesthetician

Erica Current – Licenced Medical Esthetician (LME)

Erica Current brings a strong background in facial esthetics and a passion for skincare.  Her interest in skin health began at an early age through her exposure to family members struggling with challenges as serious as skin cancer and troubling as acne. She learned the importance of healthy skin as well as the confidence and joy derived from beautiful skin.

“Went in for a procedure and truly had an amazing experience. Erica Current especially kept me relaxed and informed me every step of the way. Couldn’t of asked for a more professional staff, atmosphere and all around experience. Will be going back and recommending to all my friends. Thanks you Azul Cosmetic team!!”

Our Clinical Staff

Suzen Horn - MSN, RN

Suzen Horn – MSN, RN

With 22 years experience working as a nurse in both aesthetic and critical fields, Suzie is Azul’s very own Clinical Nurse Educator working in our three office locations: Bonita Springs, Fort Myers and Naples. It’s her job to help patients really understand their options when it comes to surgical and non-surgical treatments and procedures – going beyond the basics to recommend custom treatments alongside Dr. Patrick Flaharty’s expert guidance. When you come to an Azul educational seminar, expect Suzie to be right there greeting you and always available to answer your questions!

“Suzie…your depth of knowledge, enhanced by your delightful demeanor never failed to provide me with answers…or lead me to the one who would…and in the process, elevate my spirits. You Glow!”

Angela Cordova – Medical Assistant

Angela Cordova – Registered Nurse (RN)

With over 15 years of experience in the aesthetic surgery field, Angela began with Azul as a Medical Assistant while going to school to complete her RN.  Angela is a key member of the team that provides a unique and very special continuity of care for our patients. She works with Dr. Flaharty in each of Azul’s three locations and travels to work with him in Operating Room. Patients know they will see the same people before and after their surgery, and Dr. Flaharty has the benefit of working with a team that is intimately knowledgeable about each patient and their specific procedure.

Kristy Long – Licensed Practical Nurse

Kristy Dupre – Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

If you have surgery with Dr. Flaharty, you will have a Pre-Op visit with Kristy. And it will be the best Pre-Op visit you ever had! Kristy probably gets more positive mentions in our Patient Reviews than any other staff member (example below). She has a unique blend of light-heartedness and complete dedication and sense of responsibility. She takes her role seriously and will ensure that you feel well-informed, comfortable, confident and actually excited for you upcoming surgery.

“Kristy…your sunny disposition shown through from the moment you entered the room, as you went about addressing and performing the procedures of the day while meticulously explaining the rationale behindi them. You truly exemplify that being personable while being professional is admirable.” – Barbara

Deana Sardi – Medical Assistant

Deana Sardi – Medical Assistant (MA)

With prior experience in dermatology and oculoplastics, Deana came to Azul with a full set of skills suited to our team. She is defined by her quickness, yet never leaves patients feeling uninformed or hurried. Deana is part of the office-to-OR team that helps ensure continuity of care for all Azul surgical patients. Her many years with Azul give her the knowledge and confidence to answer many of your questions and the wisdom to know when to take a message.

Cindy Doyle – Receptionist / Clinical Nurse Assistant / Aesthetician

Cindy Doyle – Clinical Nurse Assistant (CNA)

Cindy is a highly skilled and equally kind member of our clinical team. She works primarily in our Medical Spa and currently supports our busiest Master Injector, Britten Stine, ARNP.  They function as an amazing duo, working to ensure that patient visits are timely, but not rushed. Cindy has the respect of her peers and is one of the friendliest of the Azul staff, her sunny disposition is contagious and you can truly sense her joy in working with people.

Our Reception Team

Front Desk Staff

April Berry has been a healthcare industry professional for over 20 years and has worked with Dr. Flaharty for over 15 years. She has been a part of growing the practice from a staff of three to our current three locations and 20+ staff. She is adept at keeping all three offices staffed and operating at a high level.

Diana Maldonado plans a career as a healthcare provider and has successfully managed both work and school. Her time with Azul has given her great background on healthcare operations as well as a love of cosmetic medicine. She can often be found in the Bonita Springs office and is known as a strong trainer of new staff.

Brittany Zonneville brings a love of beauty and aesthetics to her role. As a former up-state New Yorker she is used to multi-tasking and enjoys the pace of our busy offices.

Trish Ferriero has been a part-time member of our team for years and brings positivity plus! She enjoys our employee perks second only to interacting with our patients.

Kelsey Rayburn, Danielle Lalloz, and Brooke Ehman are newer members of the team and continue to polish their skills while finding the areas in which they will excel as individuals.

Our Administrative Staff

Catherine Kennedy-Campbell - Practice Director

Catherine Kennedy-Campbell – Practice Director

Catherine Kennedy-Campbell, M.B.A. has more than 20 years experience specializing in healthcare management. She has been employed by the Cleveland Clinic, NCH Healthcare System and Community Health Partners. Prior to joining Azul, she operated a consulting company assisting physicians and healthcare organizations in Southwest Florida. She is also an active member of numerous volunteer organizations throughout our community.

Lind Glaeser

Linda Glaeser – Manager of Patient Engagement

Linda Glaeser, M.B.A. has over 20 years of experience in healthcare management and marketing. Prior to joining Azul, she lived on Florida’s east coast and worked with several national healthcare companies including: Spirit (Relevate) Health Care Group, ARJO, Humana and Seventh Day Adventist Health Systems. She actively supports animal causes and currently volunteers for the Naples Humane Society.

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